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With HYGGE Make True Café Quality Beverages at Home
Start Sipping
Superior Taste
Flavor profiles so unique, everything else will taste bland in comparison
Lower Calorie
With less than half the calories of similar beverages, you should spoil yourself every day
Highly Versatile
Make both hot and iced beverages in a multitude of ways to satisfy every occasion
As Seen At
Showcased on the international stage, its now available in your kitchen
Luxury Taste and Texture
Our flavors are renowned for being both unique in taste and texture, attributable to our innovative formulations and ultra premium ingredients
Quick and Easy to Prepare
Making picture perfect hot beverages and Frappés couldn't be simpler. Even Café beverages will appear pale in comparison
Perfect Treat for Kids
Our chocolate based beverages are coffee free and low calorie, perfect for treating your little ones
Such special indulgences should always be worth every sip
Perfecting the taste extraction process for cold beverages is far more complex than compared to for hot beverages. Yet we were able to do this with FREEZO, and then channeled what we learnt into HYGGE, creating a new range of highly versatile beverages powders, that are simply breathtaking to taste.
Gluten Free
BRC certified
Made in USA

Make a hot HYGGE (for cold see FREEZO)

In Under 2 minutes

Steam or heat your desired milk
1 scoop of HYGGE powder to hot milk and stir until dissolved
Garnish as required and serve
We are obsessed with ensuring that our products are of the highest quality possible. If your Hygge experience is less than perfect we'll make things right. Please get in touch with any questions or concerns whatsoever.


Toronto, Ontario, CA


Toronto, Ontario, CA


Toronto, Ontario, CA


Toronto, Ontario, CA

Hygge Customers are Saying


"Hot or Cold, Hygge is a huge hit at home"



"Hygge really is cozy in a cup"


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Constance R
So Good!

Admittedly I am a chocolate addict yet previously didnt venture outside of conventional chocolate beverages. Choc Trilogy has changed this for me, it is absolutely amazing and remains my top choice at the moment.

Nancy Porter
Cant decide if i prefer hot or cold

I simply cannot decide if i prefer this masterpiece hot or cold. Both are so delicious! At least the decision to get the product is a done deal so perhaps its a nice problem to have.

Brian White
Best Hot Chocolate out there

Not only are the calories so forgiving allowing for daily enjoyment, but on taste alone this is the best hot chocolate out there. Love the caramel and nougat that perfectly compliments the chocolate.

Lance C
Tastes like Mars Bar

This really tastes like a Mars Bar, one can clearly detect the caramel and nougat over the deep chocolate base. I am obsessed, both hot and cold its absolutely delightful.

Jenna P
amazing hot or cold

I first tried making the choc trilogy hot and while it was amazing, after making it cold I was totally blown away. It comes out like ice cream, with an incredibly rich and indulgent taste yet half the calories (or less) of ice cream. This is my new go-to dessert.

Dustin M
the real deal

I now know the difference between a true premium hot chocolate and mass market hot chocolates. This is actually something you look forward to drinking, its balanced, has deep authentic flavours and is low calorie. This is the only product i now buy for a little hot chocolate indulgence.

Gordon R
not too sweet and great for a frappe

I love iced frappes, especially anything with chocolate, caramel, etc. That said, I'm not a fan of anything overly sweet or with an abundance of whipped cream. That usually leaves me a little disappointed with most of the products out there. Then I found this. It's hands down the best chocolate frap i've ever had. go and get one now you will thank me later.

Jerome G
best tasting hot chocolate ever

I usually don't drink hot chocolate unless its made fresh using real chocolate yet that means time and effort at home. I tried luxury dark choc after getting a recommendation from a friend and it was totally worth it. This is the best tasting hot chocolate i've ever had!

Richard Palmer
love this hot or cold

I first tried this and was blown away as to how tasty it was - deep authentic chocolate flavour and not too sweet which i loved. Then i tried it cold as a blended beverage and wow... Ill never drink hot chocolate again. I'm addicted.

Maria M
Real luxury hot chocolate

This Luxury Dark Chocolate powder made me realize that everything i was drinking before, was overly sweet and bland. Not only is the chocolate flavour perfectly balanced, but you don't get an intense sugary taste with each sip. This is real hot chocolate. Highly recommended.


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