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The same premium coffee experience as the Freezo Classic yet with almost half the calories. This truly every day, lower calorie blended iced coffee mix is delightful both alone or added to your favourite protein shake or smoothie. With No Sugar Added, natural flavour and with enhanced caffeine, this perfectly balanced beverage is not overly sweet and delivers a truly authentic daily coffee experience.

Bag size: 350g / 0.8 lbs / 12.3oz 
Servings per bag: 8 - 10 
Calories per serving: 155
Caffeine (mg) per serving: 127

This NO SUGAR ADDED formulation requires less powder than the Freezo Classic to make the same sized (350ml / 12fl oz) beverage.

Powder only, scoop included. Requires blender, ice and milk.



Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Melanie L.

So good! Better than a coffee shop version, much prefer making them to my taste at home.

Melanie L.
Tastes great

Great alternative to coffee shop frozen capps. Tastes great but wish it was a bit less costly per cup.

Jag Gill
Amazingly good and easy to make

These are better than iced cappuccinos, I cannot believe how good this is.

Love it!

Just got mine today and I love it. Super tasty

Better then Tims

I have enjoyed the classic freezochino for 3 weeks now ,find easy to mix up and don't have to leave home. So any time anytime i get the craving i go for it, saves me time and money and the taste is awsome. also going to try the lite.Thank you for this wonderful Product

Fil Varino
Ill never buy another frozen drink froim Starbucks again

Tastier, more affordable, smoother. A better product all around. I especially like the “light” version!

Daily dose of happiness!

Whether it's the classic or lite version - the Freezochino is my daily dose of pure happiness! Was initially so sad leaving my beloved Freezochinos in South Africa - but ecstatic to have found it here! The taste is amazing - all other equivalents I have tried here in Canada are way too sweet. And it's so easy to make! Fair to say I am more than addicted! :)

Josh H
Best Freezo on the market!!!!!

My family love this Freezochino!!! It is so easy to prepare and has an amazing creamy texture. So refreshing!!

Aaron Miller
Skip Starbucks. Frappuccino at home!

You’re working from home. It’s early but gonna be hot. Chill out and perk up with a deelicious homemade Freezochino!

Daniel Worley
I wish I knew about this years ago!

I try to eat as healthy as possible, and like to treat myself sometimes to small indulgences. Frappe from Starbucks in particular were one of those indulgences. A friend recommended I try Freezo Lite and I decided to order it not expecting too much. Wow was I mistaken. This is better than the full sugar or high calorie alternatives. Freezo where have you been all this time!