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Freezo Classic

It’s honestly my favourite frozen coffee drink. I use to drink iced Capps but I switched to Freezo because it was a bit healthier. I like Freezo for it’s versatility I can add a flavour shots to change it slightly.

Freezo Classic US
Aidan Baigrie
The best

Love it!

Delicious Drink You Can Make At Home!

Freezochino is a delicious blended coffee drink you are able to make at home! After purchasing my first bag, I make sure to always have an extra bag as a backup, so I don't have to go without it. It is my daily drink of choice! And it is so easy and quick to make.

Freezo Classic
Amanda B

Absolutely love Freezo, winter time or summer time. I make one when I get home from work everyday. Even bought myself a portable blender so I can enjoy around the fire when camping.

Freezo Lite

What a delicious treat! I will order again for sure!

Freezo Classic
Asma Ansari
Love it!

I've been a long time coffee fan and tried many kinds of coffee so far but Freezo comes out on top. I enjoy using Freezo Classic in many different ways -- as a base and add any other coffee to make a totally new coffee / new flavour every time. Add whipped cream, your favourite syrup, it's delicious.

Freezo Classic
Huw Jenkins
Ice coffee at its best.

Bought Freezo classic for my wife she loves making a cup every mid morning absolutely loves the taste and texture. We make it in the Ninja blender. Fantastic.

Freezo Classic
daniel lauzon
Very pleased!

When my old iced coffee brand was discontinued, I decided to try freezo...and I loved it!
Not only was it healthier, but the price and quick delivery were great!
I am very pleased to have switched to freezochino!

I love it!

Tastes really good! love experimenting with it and adding different syrups.

Freezo Lite
Emily R
Love it

Best ice coffee, I look forward to having this every day and would highly recommend!

I love freezochino

My husband and I absolutely love our daily freezochinos. This is our go to refreshing coffee in the summertime. It’s become like an afternoon treat for me! Can’t recommend this product enough and have used it for some time now. Can I give more than 5 stars!!!!

Just amazing

It tastes amazing and its the perfect consistency for a Frappuccino (not watered down). I’d give more stars if I could! :)

Freezo Lite
Kirsten Dickinson
My new daily drink!!

Honestly I love this stuff, and I was not a coffee drinker before. Figured I would give it a try and found that I really liked it. Super easy and fast to make with a blender, and isn't too sweet.

Freezo Classic
Barry Lerer
Amazing Kosher Blended Ice Coffee

Freezo is a game changer! I love blended Ice coffee and was searching for a Kosher powder to make it at home...and freezo was my answer. It is as tasty as any shop/ restaurant /cafe bought ice coffee at a fraction of the price. I strongly recommend you to try it

Freezo Lite
shuyun xiong
Taste good

This product is great, it's better than ice cap


Worth it . Better than Tim Hortons

Freezo Lite
Nicolene Hanekom

I am a South African (that had a very big freezo addiction!) now living in the UK. I couldn’t believe my luck when I stumbled on this AMAZING product. I have to admit that I didn’t want to get my hopes up, but “wow”, was I surprised! It is EVERYTHING that I used to LOVE about freezochinos: perfection in a glass! The only problem is that I am now addicted again! :-)
Well done Freezo team!

Love this product, best version of summer coffee

Freezo Classic
Stephanie Gerstler

Prefer to most coffee shop frappe’s

Love it. Best at home frap.

Lid Came broken. Or is designed to not stay together…. Either way. Waste of $21.95 + tax.

Freezo Lite
Devyn Neufeld
The best of the best. Got the Lite.

This coffee is so addicting but it’s okay cause it’s way cheaper than going to Starbucks every day ! My friend found this after years of trying so many other iced coffee/frappe brands. She let me try hers to see if I liked it. Well. Here I am ordering in bulk for myself now…. Worth it ♥️ side note : even my 70yr old dad likes it

Freezo Classic
Corinne Miller
Amazing ice coffee

This is a lovely refreshing iced coffee so happy I found it!!

Freezo Classic
Melissa Appleton
Best iced coffee

Best iced coffee I’ve ever had. Can’t go a day without it!

Freezo Classic
Tracie Miller
Freezo classic

I love it thank you